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Please contact myself to be available for discount on ordering Symprove™.

Clinical trials at UCL - London by Dr Simon Gaisford, compared the following 8 Probiotics:
• Actimel
• Yakult
• Align
• Biobalance
• Bio-kult
• Probio7
• Symprove
• VSL#3

In the real world, to be successful a probiotic product needs to successfully beat three challenge tests-
1. Arrive safely in the gut in a live state - Were the claimed number of bacteria recoverable?
2. Survive stomach acids - Do the bacteria survive exposure to gastric juices?
3. Thrive in the target area of the gut - Are the bacteria able to grow after exposure to gastric juices?

Only one product met all three challenges (Symprove) – with several popular products failing all three challenges. Many UK consumers are wasting millions on bacteria that simply die in the stomach.